Gibb Forsyth


my work is a little different to standard artwork with canvas, paper and paints,i make use of techniques, skills and materials i have discovered over the years, inspired by my work with celtic art, calligraphy and sketching. i have kept my work to the minimal amount of lines allowing the eye to go with the flow of the line, calming rather than confusing the mind, the use of gold and silver leaf gives them a fluidity as you pass them by, reflecting the light and surrounding colours, the base of my work, venetian plaster, has similar qualities, highly polished by hand, it reflects light in its own natural way,in essence it is polished limestone

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permanent display of work , all work for sale

the world cafe , 56 lower georges st , dun laoghaire, opposite m&s ,

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Mobile: 0868194856

6 church road


, County Dublin
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