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Susan McEvoy resides in Termonfeckin Co.Louth. With 18 years of painting and Interior Design experience. From an early age she was passionate about painting.

Her families as far back as her great grandfather, grandfather, father and uncles all being painters and decorators. She worked as a painter and decorator herself from the age of sixteen for eight years before changing careers to a Business Sales Executive. Working in sales for five years led her to go back to painting and decorating. She then studied to be an Interior Designer which coordinated with the painting and decorating.

After meeting her husband in 2002, he encouraged her to return to paintings once again. The sudden death of an uncle also spurred her onto pursuing a career as an artist. She studied a portfolio course and obtained her Fetac qualifications in drawing and painting. She then studied Art and Design foundation in South Regional College in Newry as a part-time student. Instead of continuing to study for her degree, she is in the process of setting up Tubbertoby Studios at her home. This is where she will work full time as a practicing artist and run workshops from her studios.

People have often asked her, would she prefer painting on a canvas or painting a room. She said. “She likes painting both as the same principles apply for both preparing for a painting on a canvas, and designing the colour scheme for particular room. A good knowledge of colour, light and dark is very important for both, also the materials you use. Painting a room can be quicker than painting a picture on a canvas but, I find I can lose myself in the picture and is very proud that my painting can stand out alone to the viewer whilst a room has furniture which sometimes hides my best work.”

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