Patricia Keely-Murphy


Patricia is an artist who lives in Kilkenny with her husband and three children.

Originally from Leixlip, Co. Kildare, she is a third generation artist whose father, Liam Keely, taught her to look beyond the obvious and see the magic in everything; to find the faces in the stones and the sky. Patricia is drawn to the beauty of the natural world where imagination is free to perceive the life within.

Patricia's medium of choice is acrylic paint. Her ideal is to embue her work with the feeling of the soul, and evoke thought and memory.

Patricia has participated in many group exhibitions in Dublin and Kildare with great success and has also had solo exhibitions in the Kilkenny Arts Festival since 2013. She participated in Art Source in the RDS in 2017, '18 & '19. Her work graces the walls of many fine homes across the world, including Canada, the USA and Europe.

She is the self-published author of three fantastical illustrated childrens' books following the adventures of her Fungalbod characters. The Fungalbods are also the stars of a series of limited edition giclée prints, digital stickers for messaging apps (These can be found on LINE and a popular range of greeting cards.

For a selection of work by Patricia Keely-Murphy click here.

I will be exhibiting along the Mayor's Walk in Kilkenny (along Kilkenny Castle wall) every weekend from May to September - weather permitting!

So come see me or get in touch so as not to miss the chance of owning a beautiful piece of artwork at a reasonable price. You can contact me at

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Mobile: 087 2269529
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