Damien Redmond


Damien Redmond is a self taught painter from Northside Dublin.

His striking style and great freedom with colour can be seen here in his brilliant New Collection.

He has created unique studies of some of Dublin's well know landmarks and streets and also many beautiful impression of Irelands countryside.

Damien began painting in 2003 and since has been exhibited in and sold in many of Irelands leading Galleries


Sanford Gallery Ranelagh Dublin, Adams International Auction House, Stephen's Green Dublin and Morgan O Driscoll Auction House Cork. 

Using the classic medium of oil paint and beeswax Damien's work evokes a timeless feel but with his unique representation and impressions he manages to leaves the onlooker refreshed and somehow nourished.

Damien's paintings are currently on show in The Zozimus Gallery Francis Street Dublin 8 and The Sanford Gallery Ranelagh Dublin.

"He is completely self-taught," one observer told Hot Press. "His work has all the charm, confidence and directness of someone who isn't hindered by education and the self consciousness that can come from that. He has vitality and passion and moves the paint very intuitively."

Redmond's art celebrates Irish culture.

For a selection of work by Damien Redmond click here.

His work can be seen in the Sandford Gallery in the Ranelagh.D6 And at the Zozmimos Gallery in Fances street.D8

Also from Adams aution house.St Stephen's.

And Morgon O' Driscoll .Cork

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, County Dublin
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