Monica Corish


Monica Corish is an artist and a writer. In her painting, as in her writing, she follows where her fascinations lead. She works in oils, acrylics and watercolours, painting the sea over and over again, in all its many moods and weathers. The variety of approaches in her Seascapes Gallery reflects the sea's endless variety, from the quiet ultramarines of Sky over Tullan Strand and the underwater world, half dreamt, half seen, of Full Fathom Five, to the lively palette knife work of Below the Lighthouse.

Her second source of fascination is everything else -- hence the title of her second online Gallery Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (taken from the title of Barbara Kingsolver's wonderful book of the same name). Here, in Castlecaldwell, you will find trees that look like they are aflame; a tiger, burning bright, in Uncaged; the sculptured silence of Silver Moon; and a watercolour field of impressionist flowers in Meadow.

Buying Paintings and Gift Vouchers: Monica Corish's paintings range in price from €150 (for the happy accidents that happened in a day) to €1250 (for the labours of love that matured over the course of a month). If you are interested in buying or commissioning a painting, or buying a gift voucher for any amount from €50 to €1250, contact Monica directly by e-mail.

Writing and Workshops: Monica Corish was the Featured Poet In the Spring 2009 addition of The Stinging Fly, and is working on her first collection of poetry with the support of a Writing Bursary from the Arts Council.

She offers Write for Your Life creative writing workshops and Igniting the Creative Fire art workshops in a number of centres in the North-West. Contact her by e-mail to find out more.

For a selection of work by Monica Corish click here.

Monica Corish's next exhibition "Horizon Dreaming"will be launched on September 4, 2010 in Teach Ban Nua Gallery, Drumclffe, Co Sligo.  More details to follow.

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