Bernie Walsh


Bernie’s paintings can be described as an unusual and contemporary blend of sacred or visionary art and post-modern art; one term used to describe the artist's work is "transpersonal". Her work often depicts
aspects of the supernatural world overlaid with aspects of the natural world. Set within flowing oils and textures, translucent jewels, clouds
and stars, Bernie’s art creates the nostalgic elusiveness of distant childhood memories. Using the tactility of Oils, cloth, feathers and beads to voice emotional excess, Bernie’s’ canvases exude harmony Enhancing the ordinary through their luridly poetic presence. Bernie’s work carries an inherent spirituality: the raw and cerebral power of paint and materiel’s shamelessly describing the decoratively sentimental. Reveling in the grandeur of their construction the works “Simply speak for themselves”

For a selection of work by Bernie Walsh click here.

Bernie Walsh, a resident Galway Artist, will hold an exhibition of her original work at

The “G” Hotel, Galway on the 6th May 2007. Doors open to the public at 4 p.m.

The “Heaven Sent” exhibition is sponsored by the APA – Aids Partnership with Africa. In choosing to support this charity Bernie said “The inspiration of my work comes from all parts of the world but my heart has always cried out for the children of Africa’s AIDS epidemic. I hope that in some small way my work can bring some relief to them from their terrible illness. APA is at the forefront of this effort and I believe they are well placed to offer comfort to those needy people”.

AIDS Partnership with Africa (APA) is a charity organisation entirely focused on those with or affected by AIDS in Africa. APA aims to promote a broad-spectrum response to AIDS, integrating prevention and care as top priorities. APA wants to help save lives, prevent human suffering, limit the devastating impact on human development, and the slide into critically low levels of poverty. APA wants to create an environment where children can realize their rights, including those of survival and development, health, education and protection from abuse and neglect.

The works that Bernie is exhibiting at the “G” is a series of 12 Original Art works based on the “Angels” theme. Each of the works is a Fusion of Oil on Canvas, Collage techniques and embroidery methods that give each a unique look.

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Phone: (091) 793 879
Address: Caher Morris, Corrandulla, County Galway
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