Jane Collins


I am originally from Kerry but have been living in Dublin for many years. I am a graduate of the National College of Art and Design (NCAD)

My paintings are a mix of Dublin and Kerry scenes. I am inspired most by the sea around Dun Laoghaire, flora and fauna in the woods around Killarney and the bleakness of the Liberties.

I work in both watercolour and acrylic. Both mediums have diverse effects to offer when trying to create light and shade.

Ive exhibited in the Frank Lewis Gallery, Clearys art gallery and the Cultural CentreĀ in Killarney and now exhibit on Stephens Green as part of the Peoples Art Outdoor Exhibition on the railings each summer. I exhibit all year round on Merrion Square on Sundays.

I will be updating my paintings regularly on this website, so visit again!

For a selection of work by Jane Collins click here.

Back on the square after an absence! Great to be back despite bad weather. Lots of footfall. Sold two paintings! Feel exhilarated and motivated!

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