Maria Weir


Seeking stimulus for my painting I moved to Donegal nearly nine years ago. The land and seas of Donegal have an inspiring effect on me. Capturing the beauty of our surroundings is my motivation.  Our natural environment has a huge influence on me. Sunsets and stormy seas captivate me and renew my aspiration to create the perfect painting.

For me Donegal is the perfect place for an artist to reside - you are never far away from a beautiful scene to influence your desire to continue paint.

I use oil as my artistic medium. I believe that the bold textures of oil encapsulate the Donegal landscape.  I enjoy pushing out the boundaries and boldly experimenting with colour layering and plays of shadow & light using an assortment of different painting techniques.  For me art is an expression found within each individual and, as such, should be allowed to naturally flow in an unrestricted approach.

I have exhibited in three exhibitions in Donegal Town within 2008. I have exhibitied at both The Balor Arts Centre in Ballybofey,Co Donegal & Fort Dunree, Inishowen, Co Donegal this year .

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