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Bog Land Scapes
Jim Kavanagh
From Sun. 26th October to Wed. 31st December
Galway City Museum
Spanish Parade, Galway City
Phone: + 353 91 532 460

Bog Land Scapes Untitled, (The Bog Series), 2008,oil on canvas, 36 in x 48 in
This is the second collaboration between the Galway based painter Jim Kavanagh and the London poet Richard Dyer. Their first collaboration resulted in A Western Journey, published in 2006 by Arlen House.

This time they turn their attention to the Irish peat bogs. Jim Kavanagh’s large scale bog landscapes will be exhibited at the Galway City Museum. A DVD will be released at the same time, made in collaboration with film-makers David Andrews and Ciaran Magill. Proceeds from the sale of the DVD and the paintings will go to the National Breast Cancer Research Institute (NBCRI). The DVD contains poetry readings and interviews with the artist, poet and musician, as well as footage of the bogs accompanied by a haunting score by musician Noelie McDonnell who was inspired by the paintings, the poetry and the bogs themselves.

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