Irish Art Exhibitions and Events


Mother and Daughter Show 2008
Clare O'Farrell & daughter Debroah Donnelly
From Thu. 13th November to Thu. 4th December

Mother and Daughter Show 2008 Deborah Donnelly, 'Marjorie', oil on canvas, 153x153 cm
Dublin born artist Clare O’Farrell and daughter Deborah Donnelly have been painting since their early years.

Clare’s theme was quite easy to decide as she has always been fascinated by New York. The paintings convey her memories and feelings of Times Square of the blinding neon’s and the multitude of cars and yellow cabs constantly moving anonymously.

Deborah Donnelly portrays what is a sense of spontaneity in her paintings. She favours the utilization of rich and vibrant colours, which are particularly apparent in her cheerful landscapes. Her influence is clearly that of the great impressionists in which she exaggerates form and movement with rich and intense colours.

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