Dawn Aston


I take inspiration wherever I find it.

People fascinate me especially from my recent travels to South Africa (with The Niall Mellon Township Trust), &  Peru.  Notably the children - their inner light & happiness & individuality in spite of appalling living conditions is truly amazing to behold. The proceeds from the sale of the 3 girls, Freedom Park will go to my fundraising for NMTT - such an incredible charity.

True Iconic figures have always inspired my art - the latest Bob Marley - they transcend barriers & cultures & time where their influence reaches out across the globe.    

My garden is a source of endless inspiration where I am obsessive about propagating plants from seed & cuttings & experimenting & detailing their progress.  Photography plays a huge part of this creative process & is a tool for working on imagery from.  To my surprise the photography has become in itself enough as  finished pieces in their own right.

Detail, colour, structure, interactions of light, wind, rain, frost, dew, shadow casting, shade, atmospheric conditions, the plants progress through growth, blossoming, peak radiant perfection & seed formation through to deterioration & decay as the seasons change provide unlimited inspiration. 


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